Is Your B2B SEO Good Enough?
How would you know?

ARE YOU AWARE that Google now gives the top search positions to sites that have a fast mobile experience FIRST. In other words no matter how good the desktop SEO or user experience is, that is ignored if the mobile is lousy.
Most SEO and Advertising efforts are wasted because the basics are left undone.
No matter how much ad money you throw at a badly coded site, you can’t win. All you will get is a higher click cost penalty…

We don’t do it all,
we focus on the foundations.

Faster Website – Leaner Code

Your website is beautiful, but Google can’t index. It takes too long to load and visitors don’t stay long/abandon carts.

If your website B2B SEO code is full of mistakes, badly formed, too heavy with unused components, and s-l-o-w, no matter how much SEO you do or $$$ you throw at ads, you will lose customers that should be yours to your competitors.

Correct Use of Schema

Your website is not found in search engines, search engines don’t understand what your website is all about and $ is being wasted in PPC . Schema markup gives search engines a better idea of what your page is about and brings more traffic to your site to maximize your revenue. Comprehensively built schema helps you rank higher in search results.

Question & Answer Long-Form Content

You’ve been stuck in the same place for months. You can’t reach your customers, they can’t reach you, and you can’t respond to their questions.
Your website answers the questions that your target market is asking Google (or lies unanswered in their minds). Build a knowledge base for your B2B customers and prospects.

Youtube & GDN Pay Per Click Advertising

Make sure your online adspend isn’t wasted on networks that no longer perform. That spending hard earned cash on ads is exciting because it gets measured results, and that after all is said and done you can plan and depend on the growth of your business in a controlled manner.

Onpage SEO Elements

Your competitor is on page one for all their keywords and you’re stuck on page five.
Properly constructed On Page B2B SEO helps you get your website indexed by search engines.
Do it right and get the competitive advantage in search results.

Customer Intent Research

Search intent is a huge part of how semantic SEO delivers more relevant search results to users—so better intent optimization results in more relevant and qualified traffic to your website.

This means improved conversion rates for your transactional landing pages, but will also result in boosts to informational pages as well.

Recent Projects.

Medical Group Website

Skincare Company

Travel Business

A true demand generation strategy creates awareness of and interest in your company’s offerings while accounting for all points on the buyer’s path: starting as an unknown visitor or user who becomes acquainted with your brand before eventually becoming loyal followers or paying clients.

– Laynie Kelly Marketing Group

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